Best HTML, CSS, Javascript Practice : Chrome Extension

Jungwon Seo
8 min readSep 29, 2018

For people who just finished Codecademy.

When you study programming, the most efficient way of self-studying is developing a product. This approach is much faster than taking any programming course to improve your programming skills.

Normally, people start to learn programming with HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript in web programming, however, before they reach the server-side part it’s difficult to make a meaningful application.

So, I always tried to convince the students like this,

It’s gonna be fun if you start to learn server-side and launch some application. Please, don’t give up.

but many students stop learning programming while at the HTML and CSS stage.

(Maybe, starting with HTML is not a good idea in order to encourage people to study programming.)

One day, I opened my Chrome browser to start work. Then I realized that I had actually been using the best application that you can build using only HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


To be brief, if you install this extension on Chrome, every time you open a new tab there will be a greeting message over a super cool picture. The number of downloads is already several million. If you haven’t used this, I highly recommend you to install it. Maybe you’ll only experience this application for 2 to 3 seconds per new tab, but you can relax for that little moment.

Let’s try to clone this application!

Phase 1: Things to prepare

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Nice picture: from unsplash
  • manifest.json (to be loaded from Chrome)

The way I developed the application quickly was by focusing on the present, not the future. Of course, it’s important to have a concrete plan when it’s not your solo project. But! The lifetime of self-motivation is very short, so when you feel like developing something you better finish it very quickly. If you start to think about other options that will…