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우리가 외국인일 때 이와 같은 리뷰를 받는다면!!?

코로나 이전, 해외여행을 많이 다니던 시기에 위와 같은 리뷰가 각종 유머 페이지에 자주 등장하곤 했습니다.

만약 외국인의 입장에서 저 글을 구글 번역기로 번역하면 어떻게 될까요?

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구글 번역기 결과

네, 그냥 무관한 내용이 나오죠 😅

파파고로 한번 돌려볼까요?

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파파고 결과

번역은 다르지만, 역시 무관한 내용이 나옵니다.

이번 포스팅에서는 Naver에 있는 AI 서비스들을 사용해서 한번 위의 글을 최대한 번역할 수 있게 해 보겠습니다!

0. 실험 계획

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우선 기대하는 바는, 원본 (한국인만 알아볼 수 있는) 글에서 위와 같이 OCR, TTS, STT 과정을 거치면서 문법에 맞는 한글로 변환되는 과정을 기대하고 있습니다. 특히 TTS나 STT에는 언어 모델이 들어 있을 것이기 때문에 …

When I was studying in Norway, I had a chance to join an AWS user group session. A representative from AWS gave a presentation on different services. At first, I thought he must be a salesperson because his presentation skills were too good. And when he started to answer the questions, I thought, “He must have studied Computer Science, that was a tough question!”. This was the first time I met a person with the title Technical Evangelist.

After I came back home, I kept thinking, “That is the type of developer that I want to be!” So I prepared a presentation to introduce AWS to my classmates at school, but it wasn’t as good as his. My English wasn’t fluent, and there were many little mistakes while showing the demo. …

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I used to teach programming to non-CS students. I realized that the most important thing was to figure out how to motivate them. Programming is not something you can learn “casually”, you need a strong will and the ability to endure stressful times.

I had to study programming simply because it was my major. However, it’s not that easy to convince people to study programming when they have their own study area or job which is not directly related.

So I organized several reasons why people should learn programming.

1. It‘s a trend.

The first reason is very simple and clear. I assume we all agree that the most popular companies are IT related these days. …

For people who just finished Codecademy.

When you study programming, the most efficient way of self-studying is developing a product. This approach is much faster than taking any programming course to improve your programming skills.

Normally, people start to learn programming with HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript in web programming, however, before they reach the server-side part it’s difficult to make a meaningful application.

So, I always tried to convince the students like this,

It’s gonna be fun if you start to learn server-side and launch some application. Please, don’t give up.

but many students stop learning programming while at the HTML and CSS stage. …

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Like these genius questions.

If you are running a start-up, you have probably struggled when hiring developers.

In the early stage of the company, there will obviously be no coding-interview. The formal hiring process is probably very unorganized (maybe non-existent). You will be like: Just check the candidate’s skill tree, chitchat a bit, then if you think that they’re nice just hire them. This is how it usually works in start-ups, and that’s why we highly depend on the recommendations from someone we’ve worked with before.

When I was a lead-developer (there were no other developers), it was eventually time to start hiring some developers, one by one. I started to receive applications after I posted the job description on an “Indeed” kind of website. However, it was very confusing because many of them wrote about a lot of tech stuff that I had never heard about before. Also, it wasn’t clear if they had done it by themselves or if they had simply been part of a team that was working on that task. I couldn’t judge their skill level easily. However, I knew the developing process in a start-up, so I mainly interviewed developers who had worked in start-ups before. Still, I wasn’t sure if they were nice or if they were a good fit for both me and the company. …

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Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

I ran many programming classes when I was in S.Korea, and I heard a lot of similar questions from the students who just started to learn programming.

If you are considering to study programming, you might as well read these!

1. There are so many technologies out there. Isn’t it too late to catch up if I start now?

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Very subjective history of IT

Of course there is a lot to learn!

For me, it’s been about six years since I started programming in earnest.
Six years sounds quite long, but it’s been more than 20 years since Windows 95, StarCraft and Yahoo came out.

So, have I studied all those 20 years of technology? Of course not.

The pros and cons of the programming industry are that there are a lot of new technologies every month, while many old ones are dying at the same time.
That means that at any point in time, if you have a skill for the most trendy one, you can step into the IT world. …


Jungwon Seo

Lecturer at Yonsei University

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